All-on-4® Comprehensive Service

Our All-on-4® Comprehensive Service

Complete service includes fixed temporary through completion of fixed, milled titanium/acrylic hybrid prosthesis.


All Implant Systems Supported

  • Steps necessary to provide an immediate denture (reinforced for strength to be converted chairside)
  • Prosthetic guide (for proper placement of implants and screw access)
  • Chairside assistance for conversion (pick-up of cylinders and conversion of immediate denture to screw-retained prosthesis)
  • Fabrication of repair model
  • All steps required for final milled titanium/acrylic hybrid prosthesis with screws

Process and Requirements for All-on-4® Procedure

STEP 1 – Fabrication of Provisional Denture

Consultation with dental laboratory, surgeon and restorative doctor. Contact Mary Wynn (Coordinator) at for scheduling.

Restorative Dentist Supplies

Preliminary impressions and photographs
Final impressions
Bite Records
Try-In Acceptance

Dental Laboratory Supplies

Custom Tray
Bite Block
Denture Set-up
Denture Finish with reinforcement
Prosthetic Guide (for implant placement and bone reduction

STEP 2 – Conversion and Insert of Provisional (Surgery)

A certified Acqua-Dent, Inc. technician can assist in implant and abutment placement and angles.

  • Prepare temporary prosthesis for conversion
  • Assist in pick-up of cylinders
  • Reduce, reline and polish the temporary for screw-retained capability
  • Fabricate repair model and mold for duplication

Restorative Dentist Supplies

Temporary Cylinders
Analogs (for repair model)
Blue mousse
Rubber Dam
Teflon Tape
Acrylic Burs
Articulating Paper
Appropriate Implant Driver
Torque Wrench
Light Cure Composite (to close cylinder

Dental Laboratory Supplies

Equipment necessary for conversion
Acrylic and supplies for pick-up
Plaster/stone for repair model
Polishing Compounds

STEP 3 – Fabrication of Final Prosthesis

Final Prosthesis
Send repair model and mold to lab. Also order and supply open tray impression copings and analogs.

  • Final impression using verification jig and custom tray (supplied by Acqua-Dent)
  • Clear duplicate (supplied by Acqua-Dent) try-in for bite registration.
  • Denture tooth try-in and verification jig try-in
  • Bar and denture tooth try-in
  • Completion of milled titanium hybrid prosthesis


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