Turn Around Times




Acqua-Dent’s production/time schedule below are in-lab days and do not include the pick-up or delivery day.  We are closed on Saturdays and Sundays.  Please schedule your work accordingly.  We use UPS and Network Courier Service (depending on your location) for picks ups and delivery.  You will only be charged for deliveries to your office.  Contact the lab for shipping label to send your case.



Step 1 – Fabrication of Provisional Denture – Submit study models and photos.  Intra-oral scans and digital bite records can be received to save steps.

Custom Tray——————————————————————————- 1 week

Bite Block———————————————————————————–1 week

Set-up for Try-in—————————————————————————10 Days

Retry—————————————————————————————–5 days

Process Provisional and Prosthetic Guide———————————————-10 Days

(Delivered to Restorative Doctor Prior to Surgery Date)



STEP 2 – Conversion/Surgery

Once temporary is placed,……….healing…..  At this time, it is recommended to schedule the patient



Step 3 – Schedule appointment for photogrammetry scans and intraoral records by calling (732) 656-3393.


Bar try-in with teeth or Printed Protoype———————————————3 weeks

Process Bar Hybrid ———————————————————————-2 weeks

Finish Zirconia Final———————————————————————3 weeks


All on 4 Repairs—————————————————————- see below


What is needed to repair? – Prosthesis, repair model.  Doctor is to remove prosthesis from the patient’s mouth.  Usually, the patient will bring to the lab with repair model and wait about 1 hour to return to office for re-insert.  An appointment with Acqua-Dent, Inc. is required.