Scheduling Full Arch Cases

Before Scheduling an All on X®, the following is Required


  1. Preliminary models and bite need to be in laboratory
  2. Pictures needed: Patient in repose (lips apart and expressionless look; Patient smiling; Patient with biggest, broadest smile).  We recommend sending pictures using the “free” version of to  Please do no send via text.


Prescription to include the following:

  1. Patient’s full name
  2. Desired shade and esthetic requests
  3. Names and email addresses of Surgeon and General Dentist
  4. Where will procedure take place? Address
  5. Upper/lower or both?
  6. What is the seating time?
  7. Is there sedation?
  8. Are there extractions?
  9. Is it guided surgery?
  10. What time will abutments be placed (for lab to arrive)


Scheduling of Surgery

Communication between the surgeon, restorative doctor and lab is key to the success of your patient’s surgery day.   It is recommended to select a few dates at least 4 – 6 weeks out to allow time for the fabrication of the temporary prosthesis and surgical guide and for proper scheduling and availability of all parties.