Billing & Payments Policies

Billing & Payment Policies



To begin case, a credit card is required regardless of surgery date and will be maintained on file following the payment schedule below.  We are working under the assumption that patients are committed financially and are going through with the entire process.  All invoices will be sent with case.  No monthly statements will be issued. 


At the completion of Step 1 (Temporary) regardless of surgery date, procedure is invoiced at 50% to the restorative doctor and is due at the time of delivery of case.  If the conversion does not take place due to unstable implants, you are still required to make payment.  Please note that there will be more provisional work done prior to the final prosthesis.  There will be no charge for a new provisional denture and any assistance required to either convert or to obtain impressions/records to work towards the final prosthesis, will also be included (based on your initial payment).


At the beginning of Step 3 (Final), remaining 50% balance is due or  if final is to be Zirconia).  If patient decides not to go through with Step 2 (Conversion), a credit of  will be applied to your account.  If patient does not return for the final, Step 3, no credit is given.  However, once Step 3 has begun, full payment is due regardless of completion of prosthesis.  It is the responsibility of the General Dentist to inform us in writing if a scheduled patient (conversion) or final prosthesis has been cancelled.




Depending on your location, we use UPS or Network Courier.  We pay for the delivery to the lab and you will be charged for the delivery to your office.  These rates range between $12 and $15 and may vary depending on carrier increases.  Please contact the lab to arrange for pick-ups.




All repairs on the temporary prosthesis will be done at no charge with the exception of the addition or replacement of implants or abutments due to implant failure or abutment repositioning.  In these cases, an appropriate repair charge will be assessed




There is an additional $300 fee for round-trip travel for offices located over 40 miles from laboratory.